You can get to Baños by public bus or taxi.
By Bus:

Buses for Baños leave from the beautiful new Quitumbe station (opened in July, 2009), which replaced the old station in the Historic Center of Quito. The new location is about 7 km south of the Mariscal district of Quito, so is less convenient than the old location. You can reach it by "Troley Bus" or by taxi. You catch the trolley which runs down Avenida 10 de Agosto. The fare is 25 cents. The trip takes about 45 minutes and lets you out directly in the Quitumbe station. Be aware that the trolley is very public, and can be quite crowded. A taxi costs $5-$6 and takes about 30 minutes.

If you're coming from the airport, any taxi out front will take you to the Quitumbe station. However, since the airport is way north, and the bus station is way south, it may take an hour or more, depending on the time of day. Fare could be $10.

Despite what you may have heard, thought you read somewhere, or wished, there are no express buses to Baños. They all stop wherever they want to let people off or on. This is especially bad in the morning, when people are going to work. Therefore it is best to wait til after 8:30am or so to start your adventure.

When you enter the station, go up the stairs and you will see the ticket windows of the various bus companies. There are only four bus lines which will take you directly from Quito to Baños without changing buses: These are (in order (my) of preference):

1. Transportes Baños - Yellow & red bus
2. Expresso Baños: Yellow & red bus
3. Amazonas: Blue & white bus
4. San Francisco: Yellow-orange bus

You purchase your tickets at the ticket window. They are $3.60/person. You will get a ticket with seat assignments, and a small bar-coded piece of paper which you give to an attendant when entering the bus area. Look for the stall number on your ticket and make sure the bus there is the correct line. An attendant will store your large bags in a compartment below the seating area. Board the bus with your small "carry on" luggage. You should honor your seat assignment.

The trip is about 3 1/2 hours and traverses the "Valley of the Volcanoes" -- a beautiful Andean landscape between the Eastern and Western Cordilleras. If it is clear, you will be able to see Volcano Cotopaxi (on your left), and the Illinizas (on your right), about an hour from Quito. From Ambato to Baños is a scenic ride overlooking the fertile Patate Valley with glimpses of Volcano Tungurahua as the bus winds its way down.

The bus will let you off at the Baños bus station. From there it is a 15-minute walk to our hotel (click on "Map of Baños" top right) or a $1 taxi ride. There are taxis at the bus station.

By Taxi:

Taxi fare runs $70-$80 to Baños. You can have your hotel call one or you can just flag one down in the street.
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