There is no better way to experience the nuances of the Andean landscape than by bicycle. With your legs you learn the contours of the mountains and valleys. With your senses you become one with your surroundings. With each curve comes a new discovery, each downhill a swell of energy, tires carving like skis. You travel light and free in the here and now with all you need stuffed in your panniers.
Fixing a flat on the Chimborazo paramo
OK, so much for the poetry. Let's move to our philosophy, which has emerged from many years of cycling in all kinds of places: among them Mexico, Holland, Ireland, the California coast, Glacier Park. But the strongest influence was our ten years as part of the urban cycling community in Chicago. From our many friends there we learned to view the bicycle as more than recreation — as a vehicle for sustainable transportation, self-sufficiency, and even political action.
Appplying those ideas to our biking enterprise here in Ecuador, our tours are self-supported: we do not use a sag-wagon and we minimize our use of trucks otherwise. We use public transportation when possible. Our tours are geared to the cyclist who is accustomed to independent travel, but doesn't have the time to plan routes, accomodations and transportation. That is what we do, and we do it well.
After a day of exhilarating climbs and intense downhills, and senses overloaded with the breathtaking beauty of the Andes, you deserve a comfortable place to relax, have dinner, talk about the day's experience with your fellow riders, and plan the next day's adventure. So we do not skimp on accomodations. When convenient to the route, we enjoy the ambience and attentive services of historic Haciendas or comparable hotels.