Marshia & Jim
Chimborazo, 2006
Our first serious touring by bicycle trip was through Glacier National Park in the early 1990's; it was certainly the most demanding bike ride I had ever been on, especially the "Going to the Sun" road, a slow 4 hour climb to a high mountain pass in the Rockies. I was hooked. I discovered how much I enjoyed changing my relationship to time and space by traveling at bicycle pace. I felt like an Oympic champion when I finally passed through the summit - and the exhilaration of the long downhill which came after was something I had seldom experienced.
Jim and I have made many other journeys by bike since, each one unique and I have grown to appreciate even more the sensations of experiencing a landscape first hand by bike. We have traveled along the California Coast and thru New Mexico and in the southeast of the US along the Gulf of Mexico, in the midwest and in Ireland and Holland.
Since coming to Ecuador to operate our hotel, La Posada del Arte, we have explored the Andean mountains and the Ecuadorian Coast by bike. We invite you to join us here in Ecuador to bike the spectacular landscapes of the Andes and enjoy the hospitality of the friendly Ecuadorian people.
— Marshia

Marshia & Tungurahua